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Our Fork Buffet menus provide ideal meals for the less formal occasion.  We will provide the chosen menu, (all made with best quality, fresh ingredients) at the time you want it and then leave you to it!

Alternatively you may want some help to serve and clean up - and we can provide this at a reasonable rate.

Also - don't forget to look at the dessert options in on our banqueting menu selection!

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1. Beef Bourgononinne - pieces of prime beef gently simmered in red wine with shallot, button mushrooms and smoked bacon
2. Navarin of Lamb - diced, locally produced Welsh lamb cooked with seasonal vegetable
3. Lamb Cobbler - minced lamb and vegetables topped with savoury scones and baked in the oven
4. Chicken Princess - a supreme of chicken poached in white wine and covered with a cream sauce and topped with asparagus
5. Chicken Chasseur - chicken breast cooked in red wine with smoked bacon, button onions and mushrooms and tomatoes
6. Chicken Itallienne - chicken breast sautéed with onions, tomatoes, black olives and Italian herbs and served with tagliatelle
7. Chicken with Peppers in a White Wine Sauce - chicken breast cooked with mixed peppers and onions in a white wine sauce
8. Chicken with Tarragon in a White Wine Sauce - chicken breast cooked with onions and fresh tarragon in a creamy white wine sauce
9. Ragout of Lamb - diced, locally produced Welsh lamb cooked with vegetables and red wine to make this traditional French ragout
10. Pork and Cider Casserole - diced pork braised with apples and cider and thickened with fresh cream
11. Chilli con Carne - prime minced beef cooked with tomatoes, onions and kidney beans and that all important ingredient: CHILLI!
12. Chicken in a Mild Curry Sauce - pieces of chicken thigh slowly cooked in onions, coriander, red peppers, garlic, ginger and eastern spices
13. Lancashire Hot Pot - diced lamb cooked with vegetables and fresh rosemary and topped with crispy sliced potatoes
14. (V) Pasta Itallienne - Spinach and egg pasta served with a tomato and basil sauce with black olives
15. (V) Spinach and Feta Cheese - Spinach and feta cheese cooked with onions and cumin and baked in a filo pastry parcel
16. (V) Garlic Mushrooms - large field mushrooms baked in the oven with lashings of fresh cream, chopped parsley and garlic.

Beef with Mushrooms

All the above are served with rice, potatoes or pasta

1. Freshly Poached Salmon - garnished with lemon and parsley and served with a lemon mayonnaise

Poached Salmon

2. Cold Fillets of Fresh Salmon - filled with spinach, wrapped in filo pastry and served with a light hollandaise and dill sauce
3. Filleted side of Salmon - baked with a herb and nut crust
4. Roast topside of Beef - served with creamed horseradish
5. Fillet of Beef - glazed with dijon mustard, rolled in cracked black pepper, roasted and served medium rare
6. Strips of Roast Beef - with onions and mushrooms, served in a sour cream and brandy sauce
7.Platter of Mixed Cold Roast Meats and Continental Sausages
8. Crispy Breast of Barbary Duck - sliced and served with a port jelly
9. Turkey Breast and Ham Terrine - studded with pistachio nuts and served with a cranberry sauce
10. Slices of Chicken Breast in a Blue Cheese Dressing - topped with crispy bacon and avocado
11. Chicken Breast - stuffed with herb forcemeat and prunes, wrapped in bacon
12. Coronation Chicken
13. Avocado Pears with Prawns - and a lemon and garlic vinaigrette
14. (V) Spinach, Mushroom and Nut roulade
15. (V) Spinach and filo pastry baked with feta cheese
16. Selection of home-made quiches to include:
     A. (V) Broccoli and Stilton
     B. (V) Smoked Salmon and Brie
     C. Leek and Bacon
     D. (V) Cheddar Cheese, Onion and Tomato
     E. (V) Spinach and Mushroom




1. Traditional coleslaw
2. Apple coleslaw
3. Pasta and pesto salad
4. Pasta salad with mixed vegetables
5. New potato salad with a mint vinaigrette
6. Potato salad with grainy mustard and sour cream
7. Potato, smoked pork sausage and mayonnaise salad
8. Fresh leafy spinach, blue cheese, crispy bacon and crouton salad
9. Broccoli, red pepper and avocado salad
10. Mixed leaf and herb salad with French vinaigrette
11. Tomato and avocado salad with garlic and chive vinaigrette
12. Tomato, feta and olive salad served with a fresh basil dressing
13. Mixed bean salad with a garden herb dressing
14. Courgette, mange tout and red pepper salad
15. Green bean, courgette and crispy bean salad
16. Carrot, orange and chick pea salad dressed in a ginger vinaigrette and garnished with poppy seeds
17. Cucumber, melon and mint salad with a yoghurt dressing
18. Waldorf salad
19. Sautéed garlic mushrooms in sour cream
20. Mixed sprouted bean salad with honey and lemon dressing
21. Rice salad with mixed ingredients
22. A mixture of fresh breads served with butter



1. Lemon Soufflé with Almond Praline
2. White Chocolate Roulade - filled with strawberries or raspberries and fresh cream
3. Trio of Chocolate, Coffee and Plain Meringue - filled with dark chocolate mousse and fresh cream
4. Light Hazelnut Roulade - filled with passion fruit and whipped cream
5. Choux Ring - filled with fresh fruits and grand marnier cream
6. Banoffe Pie
7. Mille Feuille
8. Individual Creme Brulee
9. Raspberry and Almond FlanFruit Salad
10. Petits Pots au Chocolat
11. Fresh Fruit Salad 
12. Hazelnut Meringue - served with raspberry coulis
13. Lemon and Kiwi Fruit Cheesecake
14. Baileys Liqueur Cheesecake
15. Rich Triple Layer Chocolate Fudge Cake
16. Sues Delice
17. Charlotte Russe
18. French Apple Flan
19. Fruits of the Forest Trifle - A Catered Affair Speciality!
20. Continental Dream


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